Talent Management

We are committed to supporting our people to realise their career ambitions. We welcome talents that are entrepreneurial and demonstrate a growth mindset. Aspiring to become the employer of choice, we invest in training and development to build a productive and future-ready workforce.

We recruit talents from all backgrounds and experiences and offer competitive remuneration packages with a wide range of benefits that even family members of our employees can enjoy. For example, we provide medical subsidy for employees’ dependents and extra paid leave for employees to take care of their family members when they are sick. To attract those with a calibre that aligns with our company vision, we adopt innovative recruitment campaigns to acquire creative and entrepreneurial talent.

Annual employee appraisal is an essential part of sustainable employee development. We conduct a 360-degree evaluation of employees’ core competencies. We also develop Objectives and Key Results (“OKR”) to encourage employees to be ambitious and think about their long-term development and impact. To uphold our priority on talent grooming, we continually evaluate line managers’ abilities to manage and lead team performance.

We believe that employees are our most valuable asset. Our training and talent development programmes are designed based on business needs that enable employees to uphold job performance standards and prepare them for future advancement in the Company. We provide a variety of e-learning covering all business units of the Group on corporate policies, business focus and productivity, culture and CSV to enable our employees to learn anytime anywhere.

Sustainability-related training on ESG policies, emerging environmental and social issues, as well as sustainable business practices, are arranged in different forms to the Board, department heads and all employees throughout the year.