Energy and Carbon Management

We strive to reduce our carbon footprint throughout our property lifecycle. While we work towards our SV2030 energy and carbon emissions intensity reduction targets, we are also exploring viable ways to further decarbonise under the Paris Agreement’s 1.5°C scenario. This means reducing our emissions through energy efficiency improvements as well as considering viable renewable energy opportunities.

We are committed to developing safe and quality buildings that are of lower environmental impact, climate-resilient and adaptive and conducive for the health and well-being of users and the community. Where possible, we aim to achieve BEAM Plus Gold-level or above certifications for new projects in Hong Kong and LEED Gold-level or above certification for new K11 commercial/retail projects in Greater China. We also consider the China Green Building Evaluation Label (“Two-Star” or above) for projects in the Mainland and WELL Building Standard (any level) where possible.

To strive for higher energy efficiency in our properties, we implement various equipment improvement measures. These include chiller system enhancement, building management system (BMS) upgrades and the installation of sensors and energy valves. Additionally, we have deployed various building energy monitoring systems in over 30 of our properties in Hong Kong and the Mainland, and we will continue to do so to maximise onsite energy-saving.

To further reduce carbon at the Paris Agreement level, we developed a Renewable Energy Roadmap, which charts a path towards adopting renewable energy across our core property business. We will continue to look for opportunities to increase our investments in renewable energy on our premises and offsite. We harvest solar, wind and other types of renewable energy to support the transition towards a low carbon future.

We will continue to drive our SV2030 energy and carbon emissions reduction targets during building operation. Similarly, we commits to setting science-based targets (SBT) to meet the 1.5°C scenario as per the Paris Agreement. We perform regular energy audits and retro-commissioning on existing buildings to reduce our utility consumption. We’re investing in green buildings and increasing our investments in renewable energy, onsite and offsite.

Advancing Net Zero is a global project working towards the total decarbonisation of the building industry by 2050. In light of this ambition, we pledged our support to the Hong Kong Green Building Council’s relevant initiative. We will monitor recommended best practices to achieve the goal for all buildings to operate at net-zero by 2050.