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Digitalisation of Processes and Customer Experience

We leverage digitalisation to enhance our internal workflow and the experience we offer to our customers. By embracing the right technologies at the right time, and tailoring it to customer needs, we provide a fast, innovative and seamless experience.

We have digitalised our internal work processes through smart office apps that connect New World’s employees with online functions. These functions include e-learning, e-leave application, risk issue alerts and Group news, reimbursement processes, and administrative tasks such as meeting room booking and access information on our properties.

We have also adopted Building Information Modelling (BIM) and other project and construction management software. By enhancing collaboration among multi-disciplinary project stakeholders, reducing abortive work from design simulations and digitalising project management and documentation processes, these technologies lead us to resource, time and cost-savings.

We strive to enhance the customer journey through the application of technology. We’ve widely adopted mobile apps across our business units, offering a one-stop experience and a series of O2O value-added services. These include access to our facilities, products and services, activity registration, loyalty points collection, reward redemption and service reservations.

At the same time, technology and innovation enable us to stay better connected to our customers. We leverage our customer database to provide interesting and relevant content and interact with customers via various social media channels. We actively seek out and introduce new technologies like blockchain in property sales and virtual reality in project planning and leasing to help our customers make better decisions with less time and hassle.