Waste Management

Waste management is a challenge across the globe, particularly in areas with high-density development and rapid urbanisation. We’re committed to avoiding and reducing waste across our building lifecycle.

We recognise that construction waste from Hong Kong, China and Mainland China sites constitutes approximately 84% of the Group’s total waste output. To reduce construction and demolition waste sent to landfill, Building Information Modelling (BIM) technology is used to reduce abortive works, recycle and reuse onsite materials and metal formwork where possible.

In light of tightening waste management regulations in Hong Kong, China and Mainland China, standardised waste management practices are being deployed gradually in existing and new properties. We are standardising the provision of waste facilities and services for tenants, such as onsite decomposers and collection services for recyclables and hazardous waste while ensuring proper handling downstream by contractors.

We have engaged with different stakeholders, including F&B tenants, through our CSV Lease. The Pledge helps improve waste management through our complimentary food waste recycling bins and use of onsite food waste decomposers.