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Employee Communication and Engagement

We have a consistent, transparent and credible employee communication mechanism. This enables employees to provide opinions and suggestions regarding the company's development, employment system, personal development plan, working culture and environment as well as to express grievances. To achieve more together, we leverage new means of engagement to improve employees’ sense of belonging and address their evolving needs.

We strive to create a culture of speaking up across the Group. This includes online and offline learning that encourages all corporate and frontline employees to communicate proactively on any potential issues – whether operational risks, unsatisfactory customer service, grievances, whistleblowing, or ways to improve the working environment. The learning sessions promote the use of our mobile-friendly Issue Alert System for flagging immediate risks and our Group Risk Management Policy for addressing less immediate risks.

We facilitate two-way communication between the company and all employees through both online and offline channels. We regularly conduct an employee satisfaction survey to understand the needs and expectations of employees to help the Group improve. Please visit Strategy – Our Stakeholders for details.