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Cultivating Entrepreneurship and Innovation

We promote entrepreneurship and innovation by advocating a workplace culture that accepts and embraces change and impact-driven partnerships.

We strive to foster a corporate culture that encourages innovation and entrepreneurship. By providing training and embracing tools like Design Thinking, we empower our employees to identify problems and develop solutions to challenges. A number of internal committees regularly invite new business ideas and propose viable solutions to senior management for consideration. Ultimately, we apply intellectual property rights to protect our innovation where practicable.

The private sector has a vital role to play in leading change to drive sustainable development. As part of our efforts, we forge partnerships with local and international organisations across sectors to identify innovative and scalable solutions we can implement in our daily operations. We engage the startup community through accelerator programmes, undertake business integration within our ecosystem and encourage formal or informal pitching opportunities for mutual gain. Please visit Driving Change through Partnerships for more details.

Talent empowerment is essential to long-term sustainability. We deliver trainings on innovation and a “value creation mindset” to all employees, including senior management, to encourage ideation. Through our Customer Committee, we empower talent by providing the opportunity to pitch and invite feedback on innovative new ideas. Proponents of shortlisted feasible ideas have the opportunity to present to senior management and explore application of the ideas. This initiative enables our talent to put their knowledge of Creating Shared Value (CSV) into action while creating an innovative ecosystem.