Water Resource Management

The Group recognises that water is a constrained but essential resource to the sustainability of our business and wider society. We are committed to managing our water consumption and potential risks throughout the building lifecycle.

The Group has conducted a climate risk assessment across 14 of our existing Greater Bay Area properties, covering flood and drought risks under different scenarios. While no immediate and significant water risks at the locations were detected, we will improve our buildings’ climate resilience by installing protection systems, performing more regular and comprehensive building inspections and enhancing our new building designs.

One of our signature water-related strategies is the Sponge City design concept. This concept, adopted by Canton First Estate and Ningbo New World, incorporates features such as rainwater gardens, permeable pavements and green roof and bio-retention ponds to withstand flooding, re-utilise rainwater and alleviate the burden on municipal stormwater management.

Our ongoing water-saving measures include adopting more water-efficient equipment, harvesting rainwater and recycling more greywater onsite and enhancing monitoring at new projects and major refurbishments to collect more comprehensive water data. Additionally, we also select native species of flora in our landscape design to reduce water demand for irrigation.