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Innovation for Sustainable Communities

Under a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation, we strive to source and develop solutions that help to reduce adverse impacts and bring about positive environmental and social outcomes through our business operations. Through these solutions, we accelerate change to build long-term sustainable communities.

When designing buildings located in densely-populated cities, greenery is usually limited despite its importance to the microclimate as well as the visual comfort of the neighbourhood. We strive to maximise greenery in our project design and have developed the first inverted greenery installation at our commercial property – K11 ATELIER King’s Road. This patented feature, together with vertical greenery, rooftop garden and other innovative façade designs have provided total greenery equivalent to 2.2 times the site area. We also look into the details of interior design with our customers’ experience in mind. In our residential properties, we are dedicated to offering a seamless living experience with inventions like ArtisHandle (a door handle that turns 360 degrees to support left or right-handed users) and Mirror Plus (a multipurpose bathroom cabinet with built-in USB and electricity outlets and storage space) to combine aesthetics and function.

Traditional diesel generators are commonly used in construction sites before connecting to the grid. In addition to their low energy efficiency and high carbon emissions, the air pollutants in exhaust fumes and noise generated during operations often adversely affect the well-being of our construction workers. To safeguard our workers’ health, one approach is to minimise the air pollutants and CO2 emissions through installing an innovative air-filtration system – Venturi Cyclone – at our building sites. Another approach is to replace diesel generators with a connected battery system to power construction activities. This electrically-powered system can avoid direct air pollutants, improve energy efficiency and significantly reduce carbon emissions, noise level and fire hazards during construction.

Using our patented real-time energy monitoring system, and installing smart meters, provides us timely and system-level power usage data that helps our property management teams and tenants identify energy efficiency improvements and cost-saving opportunities during their daily operation. We also make use of robotics to improve our operational workflow and workers’ safety. For example, eco-diving robot and slide cleaning robot are both our inventions to replace human from high-risk activities in seawater inlets and slides cleaning respectively.

We engage our customers and tenants within our ecosystem via different digital platforms and mobile apps such as K11 Go and Nework to offer a seamless online-to-offline experience. These apps combine event booking, content sharing, e-commerce and property management service functions. Virtual reality is widely adopted to support office and mall leasing, shopping and exhibitions. We also provide support to entrepreneurs and accelerate startups through programmes like Impact Kommons by integrating their innovative solutions with New World Group’s business units. Through these impactful solutions, we are able to further work towards achieving our targeted UN Sustainable Development Goals.