Employee Wellness Enhancement

Our employees are our valuable assets and their health and well-being always come first. We promote workplace wellness by providing physical and virtual programmes for employees.

We strive to maintain a healthy and safe working environment as it is fundamental for our employees’ well-being and productivity. We consider the use of ergonomic design furniture, implement suitable lighting systems and ensure good indoor air quality in our offices. We regularly maintain office amenities to provide a comfortable workplace for our employees. To raise the safety awareness of our employees, guidelines such as handling heavy objects are in place.

Benefits such as influenza vaccination, converting unused annual leave into healthcare benefits, and exclusive staff offers to access different medical check-ups at discounted rates are provided.

We organise a variety of physical and virtual wellness and recreational events such as fitness classes, sporting competitions, mindfulness classes and seminars on wellness topics (e.g. stress management) to look after employee well-being. We encourage and support our employees’ active lifestyles through the New World Sports Club, which hosts diverse sports activities.