Customer Wellness Improvement

The comfort and wellness of customers is our top priority. Our Sustainable Building Policy sets out our expectations towards the creation of built environments that support physical, mental and social health and well-being. Additionally, we provide holistic healthcare services through the introduction of new and advanced technologies.

The built environment is closely associated with our customers’ physical and mental wellness. The creation of quality and healthy built environments is pivotal to an exceptional customer journey. We reference the WELL Building Standard™, and benchmarks such as Hong Kong’s Indoor Air Quality Certification Scheme, RESET™ certification and award schemes to excel in this area.

Our wellness business Humansa leverages the latest medical technology and equipment and a professional multidisciplinary team. Through a holistic and humanised approach, we address cross-generational healthcare needs and help our customers pursue a quality lifestyle.

Our sports-themed shopping mall THE FOREST promotes an active urban lifestyle through a series of sports-related events. By taking an innovative and interactive approach, we believe we can more effectively encourage the public to embrace healthy and active living.